The Strength Within

//The Strength Within


By Betty Boyd


Andrew has great courage and strength that he exudes each day. From birth, the now ten-year-old, was diagnosed with moderate to severe hearing loss, as well as the trials that come along with having autism.

Even though there are struggles that come with his diagnosis, Andrew wants to do and be more than the box they seem to put him in. At school, he loves to take attendance for his class, and even takes the results down to the Principals’ office daily. At his young age he already knows he likes to be in charge, and is beginning to show true leadership skills!

Andrew has been going to Beyond Limits for five years for therapeutic horseback riding lessons. Riding has helped him become more independent and have the confidence to try new things. The once shy boy, with murmured speech and hearing loss, now has the courage to stand out and be noticed. He recently attended a pageant and was able to speak to an audience of 3,000 people. Way to go Andrew!

At the farm, his Instructor lets Andrew take the reins by himself, he directs the horse independently, and steers to complete the skills of the day! In the barn he is helpful in tacking and untacking before and after his lesson, grooming, and other responsibilities that come with taking care of a horse, and of course giving them yummy treats after a job well done! All of this has helped him see how much fun it is to help out, and more importantly, that he is well and able to get things done independently!

Being at Beyond Limits has greatly improved Andrew’s way of life. It has enabled him to take greater control of his destiny, and prepares him for a bright and confident future. There is a strength within that Andrew has discovered. A strength that makes his diagnosis disappear for a bit, a strength that makes him no different from you and me. Oh, if we should all find our hidden strength, like Andrew has done, what a wonderful world this would be!

In addition to riding, Andrew can be found outside enjoying the perks of life. He loves to play soccer, baseball, and in summer you can always find him at the pool! Through all of these things, he is building up his confidence and fortitude, to continue to live life to the fullest, in the way that it should be lived! Andrew has courage and shows this to others each day.  Way to GO BEYOND Andrew!