The Next Chapter

//The Next Chapter

By Betty Boyd

Jeb served in the Army for 12 years and retired as a Sgt. First Class in 2015. He had several deployments from Afghanistan, Iraq, and Kuwait doing Explosive Ordnance Disposal. Jeb said that “he was in his element, by keeping people safe.”

After his last deployment, family life changed, and Jeb became more anxious. He eventually divorced and moved to Georgia. Even with the move, Jeb’s anxiety did not subside. He found Beyond Limits and has been with them for 3 years. He started as a volunteer and over time Jeb’s anxiety has greatly diminished.

Jeb loves all aspects of Beyond Limits, especially teaching and helping families and their children with special needs. Jeb professed that just being around horses takes away the stress, and there is a calmness and a feeling that he’s in his “happy place.”

His interaction with the young riders, as well as the horses, to get that one smile, makes it all worth it according to Jeb.  Jeb’s favorite horse is Snickers, but he certainly loves them all. He teaches kids how to do English riding, and even helps a legally blind rider, to be great on his horse. Jeb is no stranger to horses, in fact, he used to ride pasture horses while growing up in Hamilton, TX.

Currently, Jeb is studying to be a middle school Science teacher. Beyond Limits has made his transition to civilian life possible because of how the horses make him feel. Each horse has their own story and their personality makes it unique for each rider and makes Jeb feel right at home.

Jeb, thank you for servicing our country and also be a great volunteer for Beyond Limits. Jeb you make this world a happier place to live in.