An Interview with Kristen and Kristina “We Love to see the Smiles on their Faces” by Betty Boyd

//An Interview with Kristen and Kristina “We Love to see the Smiles on their Faces” by Betty Boyd

Kristen and Kristina are the eptiomony of true leadership as riding instructors for Beyond Limits Therapeutic Riding. These young ladies are positive role models for the riders they teach, and their passion for what they do is contagious!

Both of them are truly fond of riders they instruct, from rowdy 5 year olds, to the mature 65 year olds. Their true goal is for everyone, regardless of their presumed ability, is to achieve. “It’s the little things that make the riders feel accomplished”, relates Kristina. “I love the progress of the riders, and take joy in their joy!”, Kristen exclaimed.

Though there are many obstacles that each rider has to overcome; fear, anxiety, physical limitations, and learning disabilities, Kristen and Kristina are there every step of the way. They make sure the riders feel secure and safe while being on the horse. The life skills they sneak in to every ride are observed from the outside, as the confidence, social interaction, communication, and patience all grow on the inside of each participant.

Each lesson these two teach draws the riders a little closer to knowing they can do anything if they put their effort in it! When a parent brings their child to Beyond Limits, these amazing instructors give them confidence as well, encouraging them to know their lessons will be tailored their child’s specific needs. The expectation of progress and growth exudes from these girls and they won’t let much slow them down!

The parents see the achievements of their child as they gain more independence, and as they progress. They then take those progressions home, a fire lit within, to expect more from their own child, confidently knowing they are capable. “The understanding that it is a process, and it’s the little progressions in each lesson, give the parents and riders confidence in themselves”, states Kristina.

Beyond Limits, is more than just therapeutic riding, it is a community, building a connection between rider and instructor, and between horse and human. This is a place where lifelong friends can be made, a safe place to be yourself and grow in your strengths. Kristen and Kristina help in the effort of social community, for they see in each rider, their greater potential to reach for the stars and go beyond.