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Bear-Necessity Baloo (Baloo)

Hey everyone! Just like Bear in Jungle Book, I’m Baloo, and I am big, cuddly, and love to have a good time! I guess you could say I’m the new guy around here! I just moved in before Christmas 2016. I am an 18 year old Thoroughbred. I did a different kind of horse racing… I competed in Steeple Chases! The hills, the speed, the big brush jumps, the thrill! However, those days are in my past, and I can’t wait for my future here at Beyond Limits! So far I’ve liked everyone I’ve met, and they seem to like me for my easy going personality and super smooth gait. I’m excited to see who I get to meet next, maybe it will be you! See you around the farm!

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Leap of Faith (Faith)

Hey there! My name is Faith and I am loving my new life at Beyond Limits. I am a 15 year old POA (Pony of the Americas) who has spent my life working with kids, and I wouldn’t have it any other way! I love to jump, play in the field and show off my fancy moves in the dressage arena! I am quiet and patient in the cross ties and I loved to be groomed, sometimes I even like to groom you back! #TeamPlayer! No barn is complete without me, just like George Michael said, “You Gotta Have Faith!”

Snickerdoodle and Sugar Cookies (Snickers)

Do you love cookies? Me too! I’m Snickers and you can feed me anytime, but be careful, sometimes I think fingers are sweet treats too! I am so happy now that I’m here at Beyond Limits. I’m an old pro and have been teaching kids to rider for a very long time! I’m excited to get to know all the special riders at my new home and can’t wait to show you how things are done. Oh, and I always earn my cookies after every ride!

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Touch of Class (Classy)

Hey guys, I’m Classy, and yes, I’m full grown! I am fun-sized and that’s why lots of kids love me! I have been teaching kids to ride for as long as I can remember, and love being able to make a difference here at Beyond Limits. Even though I’m small, I have a big trot, and a big heart! Jumping has always been one of my favorite things to do – can’t wait to teach you how! Now, let’s ride!

Buster Rose (Buster)

I’m Buster Rose but you can just simply call me Buster. I’ve been racing my whole life. I won the Canterbury Stakes in 2014 with a grand total of $394,000 for my entire career, however,  I retired in the Fall of 2016. Did you know that my Great Grand-Dad is Secretariat, one of the top 25 horses in the 20th Century?  I love cross country and anyone can ride me. Although I used to go fast I prefer the slower speeds now and I also enjoy my retirement with kids, which are my favorite. I may be 10 years old but I’m an old man at heart and I make you work to make me work.