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The Beyond Limits Story

We like to joke around here and say we started with 2 riders, and 1 horse; and see what we’ve done with them!  In all honesty, we started with a need. A need to find an alternative therapy for our burned out kids. When your child is born into a world of struggle, you do whatever you can to make sure they are getting the most out of their life, and out of their therapy.  We wanted a therapy that wasn’t like therapy at all, something fun that our kids wouldn’t argue with us about going to.  Our daughter needed a change and was in love with horses, so we bought a horse.

Our good friend and PATH Certified Instructor, Kristen Moreland, agreed to teach us what the heck to do with the horse, and the rest is history!  We grew quickly and the need to add more horses became evident.  We teamed up with Greenridge Stables in Emerson to launch Beyond Limits Therapeutic Riding.  They allowed us to use their facilities to get our program off the ground and embraced our riders into their family!  We can never thank Beth Ellenberg and the Greenridge Team enough for that first year!

Fast forward, we grew our herd number, and our rider population, and soon needed to find a bigger place to hold us all.  Our wonderful farrier, Jonathan Watkins, informed us of an entire empty barn on his 80-acre property, so north to Cartersville we went.  We now have 7 horses, 39 riders, 3 instructors, and an abundance of space and opportunity!  Our new home at Watkins Farm has 2 outdoor arenas, a fully enclosed indoor, miles of trails, and acres of pasture for both horses and riders to play in. It also has given us the opportunity to host our own horse shows for our riders, and other riders in the community.

We look forward to what’s next for the Beyond Limits crew, but we never forget what brought us to where we are today.  We started with a need, 2 riders, and 1 incredible horse.