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Therapeutic Riding

We are excited to offer Therapeutic Riding to our participants! Therapeutic Riding is adaptive recreational horseback riding. We teach specifically in lessons tailored to the needs of individuals with disabilities.  Whether you struggle with depression or anxiety, have a learning disability or a broader diagnosis of autism, we are here to help!

Beyond Limits is a member center of PATH Intl. and our therapeutic riding lessons are taught by a professional PATH certified riding instructor.  Our lessons are private so each rider gets the one on one attention they need in order to achieve their specific goals. Group lessons are available on request, such as siblings who want to share a joint lesson or when riders are working on social skills.  We strive to teach our riders to ride independently; however, we have a team of trained volunteers ready to assist when needed. We are an all-inclusive program as well, teaching horsemanship from the ground up. Your rider will learn proper grooming techniques, how to communicate with their horse, and then of course tack them up, mount, and ride! Getting the experience of all the different aspects of being at the barn is important in teaching them horse responsibility and care, which only enhances their skills more!

Once in the saddle the emphasis of therapeutic riding is on proper riding position and rein skills. These will often coincide with functional therapeutic goals: improving rider’s balance, posture, endurance, and motor function.  Therapeutic riding typically starts at about age 5 and there is no maximum age level for participation.   Because therapeutic riding is an adaptive/recreational/sport activity, not therapy, it is not covered by insurance.  However, there are several agencies in our area that provide funding for therapeutic riding.  Please visit our FAQ page to see a list of these agencies. Therapeutic riding also offers competitive opportunities to those who are interested!

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